Canvases and prints: visual poetry

Photographs on walls are windows to other worlds. You can dive into them, be charged by them, feel their influence. I select all the works that come into the shop according to this principle: that they are charged with energy, like magical artefacts, that they work as a portal and allow you to feel.

They do.

I print my work on canvases: my observation is that this way my photographs work more powerfully, revealing their full depth. And because they are not hidden by glass like prints, they are easier to engage with.

From the Demeter’s Dreams series

From Mr Peter’s Waterwind series

From the Tale of a Wanderer series

From the Resource Box series

From the Island Neverland series

From Mom’s Letters series

Sizes and prices

Three sizes are available: 20 by 30 (P1600), 30 by 30 (P1900) and 30 by 45 (P2600). Some pieces are only available in sizes 20 by 30. 

When choosing a square, please note that in this case the proportions of the frame will change.

If you buy three or more paintings at once, no matter of size, you get a 15 percent discount. 

 About the material It is a classical stretcher, i.e. small white margins are left on sides of a canvas, which allows a picture to be framed if desired without loss of frame. Without a frame, too, you can hang it — there is a notch in the back. About shipping — in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: sdek rate “parcel”, 350-750 p. depending on destination (calculate the cost) — in other countries: Russian Post (price depends on size and region) — when ordering in St. Petersburg pickup for free  Translated with (free version)


Epson water resistant Matte canvas. Water-resistant, plastic, covered with a protective varnish, resistant to sunburn. Canvas is stretched on the wooden frame with 2 centimetres thickness, fastened to it with special brackets on the sides. 

You can choose a classic stretcher, with small white borders on the sides of the canvas, allowing the picture to be framed if you wish, without losing the frame. Or a gallery style, where the frame fills the entire canvas, leaving the sides and the canvas doesn’t need a frame. 

No frame is required to hang the canvas on the wall — there is a notch on the back.


• depends on size and country: connect me for calculating it for you

• free pick-up when ordering in St. Petersburg (Russia)

To order a canvas for yourself or as a gift, 

please send this information to any messenger you like: 

  1. link to the desired work (or just a screenshot)
  2. size that you choose 
  3. address for delivery (yours or the person to whom you want to sent it) 

Or just fill in the form and I’ll send you the details for payment.


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